Spousal maintenance is the arrangement of the means of support or livelihood to a spouse after separation or divorce. It’s defined as the providing for financial support to a spouse after the relationship ends. Spousal maintenance is part of the Family Law Act and all applicable deadlines will be valid.

Generally, spousal maintenance comes into play when:

  • Either party needs financial assistance
  • The other party has the capability and means to provide that support, and
  • It is quite appropriate under the circumstances that maintenance is the right of the spouse needing it

Generally spousal maintenance happens when one person makes a handsome income and the other has insufficient means of support as a result of the separation.

If you happen to be party to the Spousal Maintenance Equation, it’s advisable to seek the legal services of the best family lawyers in Adelaide. You need to understand your rights as a citizen. In some cases, maintenance may be payable only for a short time or in some cases, it may be payable indefinitely. Give us a call and we will help clear all your doubts.

Is there a time limit for applying?

 The application for Spousal Maintenance should be submitted within 12 months of your divorce and after two years of separation, if it is a relationship without the bond of marriage.

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What if I start a new relationship?

If your financial status and access to resources undergo a change as a result of entering into another relationship, then the court will take this into consideration.

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