Separation is the condition of being apart, of two people who had been living together or two married people living in different places. It’s the formal legal severing of the relationships between spouses which does not dissolve the marriage as in divorce. When two people who were committed to each other, no longer consider themselves in a relationship, they are said to be separated.

The court needs to be convinced that you have been separated to get a divorce. The court will analyze the workings of the expired relationship to arrive at a favourable decision. You may be separated by law but still have ongoing financial relations.

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Things to consider before separation:

Whether you are in a marital or a live-in relationship, once you decide to go your separate ways, it’s better to seek the advice of a legal counselor. The different aspects you need to consider are:

  • The custody of the children
  • The future of the pets
  • Are you scared of violent consequences?
  • Disposal of assets and liabilities
  • Does your departure have any legal effect?

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