Domestic violence is common nowadays and can take many forms including physical, emotional and financial abuse. For anyone who is facing domestic violence, there are many counselling services available across Australia where you can share your concerns and get due assistance for dealing appropriately with the same.

Domestic violence doesn’t mean just physical abuse but also any violent action or threatening behavior that is committed to control or manipulate a family member. It includes aspects like verbal, emotional, social, financial and sexual abuse as well.

It’s the right of every citizen to protect themselves against violence inside the home and its surroundings. Hence it is imperative to seek legal advice from our network of domestic violence counselors who will guide you on how to approach a case of domestic violence.

What is Emotional or Psychological Abuse?

Typical examples of emotional or psychological abuse include:

  • Stalking a person beyond their comfort levels
  • Disturbing the peace of a person at their residence or work or outside the place of work
  • Repeated tries to contact a person by way of telephone, SMS message, email or social networking sites without the person’s consent
  • Repeated humiliating taunts without a person’s consent to threaten and reveal the sexual orientation of a person
  • Preventing a person from maintaining relationships with his family, friends or culture, including cultural celebrations or practices or preventing a person from expressing their cultural identity
  • Threatening suicide

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No one deserves to be a part of domestic violence. You should take immediate steps to stop it as soon as possible and our professional team of domestic violence counselors will assist you with the same.

If you have any previous experience of family violence or you feel like your family has been exposed to it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of skilled Family Lawyers in Adelaide who will help you achieve the best possible solution in all cases.

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