Divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage in accordance with a court order. It is the act of dissolving the marriage bond between two people on the wishes of one of the parties or both parties in mutual consent. It’s highly advisable to touch base with our team of highly Qualified Family Lawyers in Adelaide who can provide due assistance with all legal aspects of divorce. We will advise you on all possible implications of divorce and help you arrive at the best possible solution.

Divorce is not an overnight procedure. It’s a process which takes its due course of time while abiding by the legal procedural formalities. It’s better to get professional help for the same.

How can I apply for divorce?

There are specific legal procedures and key points to be considered while applying for divorce. Only after resolving all parental and financial issues, the proceedings for divorce can be initiated. For the case of settlement of property, you have the right to apply for it anytime before a divorce.

Once a divorce certificate has been issued, you only have 12 months to resolve all other differences. After which any application for the disposal of property can only be done with the consent of either party in strict accordance with the permission of the court. Therefore, it is advisable to resolve all financial matters before applying for a divorce.

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