According to the law, a de facto relationship is defined as the case when the parties are not legally married but are considered to be a married couple for the purpose of the enactment of the Family Law Act.

There are provisions in the Family Law Act that define the existence of different relationships regardless of whether it is the same sex or different sex or whether one of the parties is legally married or in a de facto relationship.

Under the conditions of a de facto relationship, if the parties are not married to each other, they are not related as a family but they have a relationship which is defined by their living together on a real domestic basis, as stated by the clauses in the Family Law Act.

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Why is it Important to Define a Relationship?

It’s very important to define a relationship precisely as, in a de facto relationship, the parties have the same financial responsibilities or obligations towards their partners as in a married relationship.

Therefore, under the conditions of a de facto relationship, any dispute about your children or property will be treated according to the law applicable for a married couple.

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A court keeps in mind the following:

  • How long have the parties been together in a relationship?
  • Whether they share a house or not
  • Are they intimate with each other sexually?
  • How are they financially involved together?
  • Whether they make joint purchases and use a joint property
  • Whether they represent something publicly or not

These are some of the factors the court takes into consideration when there is a dispute between two people in a de facto relationship. Legal implications of a de facto relationship including the custody of children are something you should give careful thought about. For more information, please contact our experienced team of family lawyers in Adelaide.

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