A Consent Order is a written agreement approved by the Family Court that is actually a court order with the accord of the connected parties. It can include financial as well as children’s custodial agreements.

Children’s custodial agreements have to deal with sensitively and it’s always wise to be flexible about the contract. This is in the best interests of your children if you are not fighting about trivial issues.

Once an agreement has been reached with respect to that of the children, it is advised to record the same properly to avoid further problems in future.

The Basics of a Consent Order or Parenting Plan

The court can make a general concurrence at any time even when the proceedings are yet to be initiated between the connected parties. They can be based on one of the following conditions:

  • As a direct result of applying for consent orders without any disputes, or
  • At any time during the proceedings of a dispute as initiated by either of the parties

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The violation of a court order can be serious

If you are found to be violating the terms of consent as ordered by the court, it can have some serious consequences. If you have been charged with breaching the consent order, it is important that you get professional legal advice as you might have an appropriate excuse for violating the parenting order.

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